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Karl Bauer

A German Guard's Pass

Pass Karl Bauer

Karl Bauer's pass as a guard of Arbeitskommando no. 965 of Stalag IX A Ziegenhain:

Kriegsgefangenen-Mannschafts-Stammlager [POW camp for enlisted men] IX A Ziegenhain (District Kassel)

Extraofficial Auxiliary Guard
Pass no. 9516
Valid until Dec. 31st 1945

Karl Bauer
profession: farmer - born: July 16th 1888
in: Lohre - county: Melsungen

Arbeitskommando [labour detachment] no. 965 in: Niedermöllrich

has been entrusted with the tasks of an auxiliary guard. By decree of the OKW [Oberkommando der Wehrmacht: High Command of the German Army] from Sept. 29th 1939, [...] and according to §35 of the Wehrgesetz [Army Law] he is submitted to the legal directives for soldiers, regarding the use of arms.
Therefore, he is permitted to carry arms in exercise of duty.

Ziegenhain, Oct. 12th 1944

The commandant

* Source:

  • E-Mails by William Sibole, Tucson, Arizona, USA, to Moosburg Online, May 2008.

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