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Wilfred Leslie Ing

Prisoner No. 6329

Les Ing on right with two other POWs

Attached are two photographs sent to me by my cousin. My father, Wilfred Leslie ING, known as Les, is on the right of the picture. I would love to know who his friends were as they look such a fine group of young men. Can anyone recognise them? I do hope so.

My Dad sent this photo to his mother (his father was alive but I don't know where), to their address in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. Their names were George and Minnie Ing. My Dad was the youngest of three boys but I am unaware of what the other two did in World War II.

Back of photo

I know little of what happened over in Germany only that my Dad belonged to the Welch Regiment, cruised around the Mediterranean Sea in the troop ship Mauritania with a couple of thousand other army types and was taken prisoner at Crete. I believe he was in both Stalag VII A and VIII B but I cannot confirm this. The little he talked about was working in a coal mine in/near Poland, a long march across Czechoslovakia, soup made of potato peelings but little else. I met him for the first time when he was demobbed in 1945.

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