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George Gyves

Postcards from prison camps

We owe the following photos and information on George Gyves to his son, Michael Gyves.

Newspaper clipping "My father George Gyves was a sergeant with the British Royal Artillery and was captured in Crete and then held as a prisoner in Stalag VII A before taking the long winter march to Stalag VIII B. He was a POW from 2 June 1941 to 9 April 1945." (Michael Gyves)

Clipping from a Toronto Newspaper, early 1942

Christmas postcard "In 1942 he sent all the family Christmas cards. I do not know who the artist was but I presume he produced other cards for his colleagues in Stalag VII A Moosburg." (Michael Gyves).

Christmas postcard, drawing signed "Perr" (?) (larger image)

Christmas postcard "Another Christmas card dated 5th October 1942 from Stalag VII A" (Michael Gyves)

Christmas postcard (larger image)

Birthday postcard "A birthday card to my mother dated June 1943. This card was sent from Stalag VIII B. The comment at the bottom of the birthday card reads 'Also from German Censor'. I have only limited knowledge of my fathers story as he was very frail when repatriated to the United Kingdom at the end of World War II and spent a lot of time in hospital. He spoke very little of his wartime experiences and regrettably died in 1946 aged 39." (Michael Gyves)

Birthday postcard (larger image)

Pictures: © Michael Gyves

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