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Postmark Postmark Postmark
So-called mill wheel postmark of the Royal Bavarian Post with Moosburg's postal code 214. In use until March 1869. Moosburg postmark dated 1 April 1910 on a Bavarian five pfennig stamp. Postmark with a view of Moosburg after Matthäus Merian. In use before and during World War II.
Postmark Postmark Postmark
Postmark for the 1965 visit of former French prisoners of the Moosburg POW camp Stalag VII A, with two stylized flags. 8052 was Moosburg's old postal code. Postmark for the 1200th anniversary of the Town of Moosburg in 1971 with the two steeples and the town arms. Planned postmark for the sponsorship of former citizens of Königsberg a.d. Eger / Kynšperk (Czech Republic) in 1968. For political reasons, the postmark was not permitted by the Federal Post (Bundespost).
Postmark of Moosburg in Carinthia (Austria), one of the twin towns of Moosburg a.d. Isar since 1991.
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© Süddeutsche Zeitung / Regionalanzeiger Stadt und Landkreis Freising 5 Nov 1971
© Private collection of Werner Fleischmann, Moosburg

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