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Icons in phpBB3 prosilver

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File name Icon Meaning
forum_link.gif Symbol Forum link
forum_read.gif Symbol Forum
forum_read_locked.gif Symbol Forum locked
forum_read_subforum.gif Symbol Subforum
forum_unread.gif Symbol Forum new posts
forum_unread_locked.gif Symbol Forum locked, new posts
forum_unread_subforum.gif Symbol Subforum new posts
subforum_read.gif Symbol Subforum
subforum_unread.gif Symbol Subforum new posts
announce_read.gif Symbol Announcement
announce_read_locked.gif Symbol Announcement locked
announce_read_locked_mine.gif Symbol Announcement locked, posted to
announce_read_mine.gif Symbol Announcement posted to
announce_unread.gif Symbol Announcement new posts
announce_unread_locked.gif Symbol Announcement locked, new posts
announce_unread_locked_mine.gif Symbol Announcement locked, new posts, posted to
announce_unread_mine.gif Symbol Announcement new posts, posted to
sticky_read.gif Symbol Sticky topic
sticky_read_locked.gif Symbol Sticky topic locked
sticky_read_locked_mine.gif Symbol Sticky topic locked, posted to
sticky_read_mine.gif Symbol Sticky topic posted to
sticky_unread.gif Symbol Sticky topic new posts
sticky_unread_locked.gif Symbol Sticky topic locked, new posts
sticky_unread_locked_mine.gif Symbol Sticky topic locked, new posts, posted to
sticky_unread_mine.gif Symbol Sticky topic new posts, posted to
topic_moved.gif Symbol Topic moved
topic_read.gif Symbol Topic
topic_read_hot.gif Symbol Topic popular
topic_read_hot_mine.gif Symbol Topic popular, posted to
topic_read_locked.gif Symbol Topic locked
topic_read_locked_mine.gif Symbol Topic locked, posted to
topic_read_mine.gif Symbol Topic posted to
topic_unread.gif Symbol Topic new posts
topic_unread_hot.gif Symbol Topic popular, new posts
topic_unread_hot_mine.gif Symbol Topic popular, new posts, posted to
topic_unread_locked.gif Symbol Topic locked, new posts
topic_unread_locked_mine.gif Symbol Topic locked, new posts, posted to
topic_unread_mine.gif Symbol Topic new posts, posted to
button_pm_forward.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Forward private message
button_pm_new.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol New private message
button_pm_reply.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Reply to private message
button_topic_locked.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Topic locked
button_topic_new.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol New topic
button_topic_reply.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Reply to topic
icon_back_top.gif Symbol Top
icon_bookmark.gif Symbol Bookmark topic
icon_bump.gif Symbol Bump topic
icon_contact_aim.gif Symbol AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
icon_contact_email.gif Symbol E-mail
icon_contact_icq.gif Symbol ICQ Instant Messaging
icon_contact_jabber.gif Symbol Jabber Instant Messaging
icon_contact_msnm.gif Symbol WLM (Windows Live Messenger)
icon_contact_pm.gif Symbol Symbol Private message
icon_contact_www.gif Symbol Website
icon_contact_yahoo.gif Symbol Yahoo Messenger
icon_faq.gif Symbol FAQ (frequently asked questions)
icon_fontsize.gif Symbol Change font size
icon_home.gif Symbol Board index
icon_logout.gif Symbol Login, logout
icon_members.gif Symbol Members
icon_offline.gif Symbol Offline
icon_online.gif Symbol Online
icon_pages.gif Symbol Pages
icon_post_edit.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Edit post
icon_post_delete.gif Symbol Delete post
icon_post_report.gif Symbol Report post
icon_post_info.gif Symbol Post details
icon_post_quote.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Qoute post
icon_post_target.gif Symbol Post
icon_post_target_unread.gif Symbol New post
icon_print.gif Symbol Print view
icon_rate_bad.gif Symbol Rate bad
icon_rate_good.gif Symbol Rate good
icon_register.gif Symbol Register
icon_search.gif Symbol Search
icon_sendemail.gif Symbol E-mail friend
icon_subscribe.gif Symbol Subscribe topic
icon_topic_attach.gif Symbol Attachment
icon_topic_latest.gif Symbol Last post
icon_topic_newest.gif Symbol Last unread post
icon_topic_reported.gif Symbol Post reported
icon_topic_unapproved.gif Symbol Post unapproved
icon_ucp.gif Symbol User control panel
icon_unsubscribe.gif Symbol Unsubscribe topic
icon_user_online.gif Symbol Symbol Symbol Member online
icon_user_warn.gif Symbol Warn user
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