Historical Moosburg
Album of postcards and views

Postcards with views of Moosburg (1900-)

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pkmof40-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof40e.html ca. 67 kb   pkmof41-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof41e.html ca. 64 kb
Views of the town
  Views of the town
(c. 1915)
pkmof37-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof37e.html ca. 60 kb   pkmof36-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof36e.html ca. 67 kb
Views of the town (c. 1907)   Views of the town (c. 1907)
pkmof54-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof54e.html ca. 60 kb   pkmof53-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof53e.html ca. 57 kb
Views of the town
(c. 1911)
  View of the town
(c. 1911)

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